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Introducing ourselves

International Conferences

A considerable part of the Akademie's work has an international orientation, and many of its events have international attendance. more >

How to get to Loccum

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What is the Purpose of the Academy?

The Evangelische Akademie Loccum organises conferences, colloquia, symposia and seminars which are open to all. Through these programs, we establishe a dialogue between people from different ways of life, different backgrounds and different fields of activity.

Also our acts as a meeting point for people from different groups, organisations and institutions who share in the definition, management and solution of problems at differing levels and with different knowledge. We offer a forum for the exchange of information and ideas, and for the discussion of controversial views and interests. Theology, church affairs, economic, agricultural, social and political issues, peace and security policy, art and literature and culture have since the beginning, been part of the traditional program of the Evangelische Akademie Loccum.

Over the years other areas have been added: educational and university policy, ecology, legal policy, development policy, natural sciences, health care and medical policy, family and youth policy, women's studies, human rights and inter-religious dialogue.

How does the program come about and who is
responsible for it?

All members of the academic staff, the Studienleitung (Directors of Studies) are in contact with social groups, political parties, associations and organizations. These contacts present a wide range of trends and issues indicating the development of modern society. In regular staff meetings the Studienleitung discusses these issues and the questions arising with them in order to create the semiannual program.

How do you get to know more about the Academy?

After every conference the Academy publishes a conference documentation in the series of the "Loccumer Protokolle" which can be purchased from the Akademie. Additionally the Academie's newsletter "Forum Loccum" appears four times per year and informs about new trends in the different areas of the Akademie's work. The Akademie's program is published semiannually and can be ordered from the Academy.


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