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61/16: Religious reformations and their influence on a society's culture
An interdisciplinary symposium in theological, economical, sociological, cultural and political science and jurisprudential perspective

International Conference at Protestant Academy Loccum, 07. - 09. October 2016

In cooperation with
Ruhr Universitšt Bochum - Projekt enhancing life

Supported by
Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and
Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland (EKD)- Luther 2017

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In 2017 the Reformation Jubilee will be celebrated – with international aspiration. But religious reformations are not only a privilege of the reformed churches. Nevertheless the auspicious occasion offers the opportunity to discuss the relation of religious reformations, political behaviour, social mentality, educational processes and formative cultural patterns. With a view to religious cultures, the following questions emerge: Which long-term effective religious and spiritual imprints are significant for the cultural mentality of a society – in an economic, jurisprudential, cultural and political science, sociological and theological point of view? Which social institutions and cultural techniques (education, family, …) cause the transmission of these religious founded mentalities? Which processes reclaim them? Can one ask for a cultural effective ‘deep grammar’ of concise religious tendencies such as the reformation, the Counterreformation or other religious reformations for logical reasons?

The symposium shall contribute to a critical and open examination of the very own backgrounds and conditions and to an interdisciplinary analysis of these questions. Six central issues will be discussed: (1) fundamental reflections, (2) law, (3) education, (4) media and art, (5) politics and (6) economics and social politics.

Experts in Sociology, Political Science, Theology, Law and Economics from international contexts, as well professional scientists as junior scientists, students and interested citizens are cordially invited to join the symposium.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Günter Thomas, Ruhr-University Bochum
Dr. Stephan Schaede, Protestant Academy of Loccum


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Friday, October 07, 2016

Welcome address and Conference Opening
Dr. Stephan Schaede, Protestant Academy Loccum
Prof. Dr. Dr. Günter Thomas, University Bochum

Introductional Remarks. Reformation as a multi-systemic Event
Prof. Dr. Dr. Günter Thomas, Fundamental Theology and Ethics, Bochum
Dr. Stephan Schaede, Fundamental Theology, Protestant Academy Loccum

Moderated discussion

Field 1: Fundamental reflections

Introductory paper I:
Freedom’s Happiness: o the Grammar of intractable moral Debate
Prof. Dr. William Schweiker, Theological Ethics, University of Chicago

Introductory paper II:
The influence of the Protestant Theology on the Catholic “historia salutis”’s Concept. The Theological Discussion in Italy.
Prof. Dr. Gianluigi Pasquale, Pontifical Lateran University, State of the Vatican City

Introductory paper III:
How to cope with freedom
Prof. Dr. Ralf Koerrenz, Religious Education, University of Jena

Introductory paper IV:
God — Freedom — Human Beings. Philosophy in the Shade of Reformation
Prof. Dr. Holger Zaborowski, History of Philosophy/Philosophical Ethics, University of Vallendar

Introductory paper V:
The Ring Parable - Is Lessing's myth of enlightened societies a child of the Reformation?
Dr. habil. Thomas Möllenbeck, Fundamental Theology, Vienna/Münster

Moderated discussion

Reception and Informal get together – Rounding off the evening in a leisurely manner on the galery of the Academy

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Field 2: Religious Reformations and the culture of law

Introductory paper I:
Legal normativity: medium and boundary of collective religious mentality – Some reflections from historical perspective
Prof. Dr. Andreas Thier, History of Law/Constitutional Law, University of Zurich

Introductory paper II:
Nordic Lutheranism and Nordic Legal Secularism – coincidence or cultural ‘deep grammar’? Presentation of a newly started research project
Prof. Dr. Lisbet Christoffersen, Law/Religion/Society, Copenhagen-University

Introductory paper III: The morality of civil law: scholastic theology and protestant jurisprudence (1550-1800)
Prof. Dr. Martin Schermaier, History of Law, Bonn

Introductory paper IV:
Culture, and Theology - When Orthodox East meets the progeny of the Reformation
Prof. Dr. Johan Bastubacka, Faculty of Theology, Helsinki University

Introductury paper V:
The formation of true Christians and perfect jurists
1736 as a historical turning point in Denmark and Norway
Dr. Kristian Mejrup, Church History, Copenhagen-University

Moderated Discussion

Field 3:  Religious Reformations as driving forces for education?

Introductory paper I:
Reformation and Education: The (Counter-) Reformational imprint on today’s global “Schooled Society”
Prof. Dr. Norm Friesen, Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Introductory paper II:
Ecumenical Learning as a Way of Transformation
Dr. Marita Koerrenz, Religious Education, University of Jena

Introductory Paper III:
A Quarrel over Words? The Letter and Spirit of the Lutheran Reformation
Herbert Lin, Theological Ethics, University of Chicago

Introductory paper IV: The Discussion of Religious Education in Japan's Public Schools in the 20th Century
Hiromi Kora, Protestant Theology, Jena/Japan

Moderated Discussion

Field 4: Religious Reformations in touch with Media and Art

Introductory paper I:
Opposing trends: Religious De-Medialization versus technological Medialization
Prof. Dr. Günter Thomas, University of Bochum

Introductory paper II:
Chicken first? Questioning narratives on Reformations and Media
Dr. Thomas Lentes, Medieval History/ Catholic Theology, University of Münster

Moderated discussion

Field 5: Religious Reformations in touch with Politics

Introductory paper I:
How to protect Religion against Politics and how to protect Politics against Religion. Some critical remarks on so called Public Protestant Theology
Dr. Stephan Schaede, Protestant Theology, Loccum

Introductory paper II:
Climate Change Denial and Christian Hope: Religious Influence on American Response to Climate Science
Willa Lengyel, Religious Ethics, University of Chicago

Moderated discussion
followed by informal exchange on the gallery

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Field  6: The complex influence of reformation on Economics and Social Politics

Introductory paper I:
Prof. Dr. Harold James, History and International Politics, Princeton

Introductory paper II:
Westphalia, Sovereignty, and Economies of Exclusion
Prof. Dr. Stephen Lakkis, Center for Public Theology, Taiwan

Introductory paper III:
Ecclesia semper reformanda as a driving force for the transformation of post-war Germany and beyond
PD Dr. Heike Springhart, Systematic Theology, University of Heidelberg

Moderated discussion

Results – Discussion in the plenary

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