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Corinna Hauswedell (Hg.):
23/07: Nigeria: Too Rich for Dignity and the Law?
Perspectives after the 2007 elections

Loccumer Protokoll 23/07, Rehburg-Loccum 2009
ISBN 978-3-8172-2307-7, 360 Seiten, 16,00 €

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Attahiru M. Jega
Nigeria After the 2007 Elections: The Tasks Ahead

Heinrich Bergstresser
Nigeria: Ein Land der Extrema – Eine analytische Zeitreise von NEPA bis PHCN

Denis M. Tull
Weltordnung – Afrika – Nigeria

J. Isawa Elaigwu
Federalism, Governance and Security in Nigeria

Bunu Lawan
Responsible Use of Resources

Klaus Hock
The Religious Dimension of Political Conflicts

Alhaji Ibrahim Biu
2007 General Elections in Nigeria: Voter and Civic Education Experience

Funmi Olayinka
Is Nigeria Democratising? Issues and Options for Deepening Democracy in Nigeria

Heinz Jockers / Ralph Michael Peters
Elections and Political Implications in Nigeria 2007

Etham B. Mijah
Democracy, Internal Security and the Challenges of Policing Nigeria

Klaus Pähler
Nigeria stolpert auf dem steinigen Weg zur Demokratie

Abbya Udofia
Issues of Responsible Resource Use and Economic Development

Rose Ngomba-Roth
Lessons from the Niger Delta

Stefan Cramer
Climate Change – An Overlooked Factor in Nigeria’s Future

Hauwa Ibrahim
What is Equality? Equality, Special Treament and Social Transformation

Habila M. Istifanus
Civil Society Political Consolidation and the Challenges of Ethno-religious Conflicts

Yusuf Nadabo Usman
A Journalist’s Perspective of Conflicts in Adamawa State of Nigeria

George Ehusani
Beyond North and South: Citizenship Rights, Justice and Participation for a Wholesome Nigeria

Nick Idoko
The Youth, Armed Violence and Small Arms: The Nigerian Perspective

Viktor Matz
What Kind of Responsitility for Peace- and Justice-oriented Policies Can External Governmental and Non-governmental Initiatives Take on in Collaboration with Nigerian Actors?

Gabriele Groneberg
Parliamentary and Other Forms of Co-operation

Hartwig Fischer
Nigeria: Too Wealthy for Dignity and Justice?Political Perspectives After Election


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