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Poverty eradication through Economic growth – Local and provincial Developments strategies (10/08)

Partnership on Cooperative Development South Africa - Germany


Anhelm, Fritz Erich








I. Introduction and Welcome

Fritz Erich Anhelm
Partnership on cooperative development: South Africa – Germany

Eddie Makue
Welcome and introduction in the Conference

II. How the dialogue has started and how far it has gone

Christian Krause
Poverty eradication through economic growth

Tinyiko Maluleke
Partnership on cooperative development between South Africa and Germany. Reflection on its history and aims

Godfrey Mokate
The National Development Agency South Africa and the previous Conference at Oudtshoorn

III. Partnership activities between Eastern Cape and Lower Saxony

Sibongile Muthwa
Partnership on cooperative development Eastern Cape – Lower Saxony: Processes, aims, strategies

Friedrich-Otto Ripke
Partnership on cooperative development Eastern Cape – Lower Saxony: Processes, aims, strategies

IV. Why and how to develop Economy

Réjane Woodroffe
Economic growth –regional and local development strategies

Mcebisi Nonjola
Local economic development

Arno Brandt
Concepts for economic development at the regional and local level

V. Housing

Nandipha Sishuba
Housing projects for generating working places and sustainability

Bernd Heins
African Sustainable House

Joe Jongolo
Housing projects for generating working places and sustainability
Report Workshop 1

VI. Energy

Michael Madjera
Energy crops as a medium for community development

Marcia Manong
Dezentralized and sustainable Energy-Systems: How can they be used for development in rural areas?
Report Workshop 2

VII. Health

Unathi Malinzi
Sanitary and health systems on communal level: AIDS / HIV-Projects and networking
Report Workshop 3

VIII. Education

Peter Winter
The partnership between Lower Saxony and Thomas Castens the Province Eastern Cape and the signifiance of projects in the field of vocational training
Report Workshop 4

IX. The African, European and Global Context

Vuyelwa Nhlapo
Strategic partnership and its environment (EU/ NEPAD/ UN). Future priorities and the current situation

Harro Adt
Strategic partnership and its context (EU/NEPAD/UN). Future priorities and the lack of a common strategy

Ruth Gütter
Strategic partnership – Future priorities for greater Social Participation. Viewpoints of the Protestant Church and the church development service

Ivan Abrahams
Strategic partnership (EU/ NEPAD/ UN). Future priorities to improve people’s lives

X. Morning Prayers and Closing Remarks

Tinyiko Sam Maluleke
Short homily: Rescuing Lazarus

Henrich Scheffer
Morning prayer 16th March, 2008

Christian Krause
Closing remarks