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Western Balkans Back in Focus (28/18)

How to Shape Europe`s Reengagement with a Region in Crisis?


Müller-Färber, Thomas
Flessenkemper, Tobias






139 Seiten


Tobias Flessenkemper
Thomas Müller-Färber

Adis Merdžanović
A Sustainable European Integration Policy for the Western Balkans?
Testing Five Common Assumptions

Matteo Bonomi
Integrating the Western Balkans into the EU: A region of risks or region of opportunities?

Gesa Bent
Dealing with the Past: How to Increase the Impact of Reconciliation and Transitional Justice Efforts?

Carla Schraml,
Kristina Ćorić
Ethnicised politics and everyday life in Mostar and the Region. How can mediation, dialogue, and improved political communication and contribute to weaken it?

Zarije Seizović
Transitional Justice in an unjust Country
A quarter of a century later…

Đuro Blanuša
A Better Region Starts with (You(th)

Marika Djolai
The bitter Battles and sweet Victories in the Balkans. Bilateral Disputes Theatre

Ulrike Lunacek
Zehn Jahre Republik Kosovo –
Erfolge, Herausforderungen, Perspektiven im europäischen Kontext

Igor Novakovic
Western Balkans and the Influence of Third States

Marco Trosanovski
Macedonia momentum:
from captured stated to…?

Theresia Töglhofer
Crisis in the Western Balkans:
How Can Europe Do More?
Conference report