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Engulfed in the Gulf? - Online Conference

On a search for Europe's future role in a turbulent region


25.11.2020 - 26.11.2020


The Gulf is a region in turmoil that faces numerous challenges. For Europe this region is crucial. Located in its closer vicinity, all negative developments and trends that the Gulf region sees are felt with only slight delays in Europe. It was often said that Europe is only at the sideline when it comes to the Gulf and that only the big powers such as the United States have a say in the region. However, the nuclear deal with Iran which EU member states helped to negotiate since 2003 onward, shows that Europe could play a positive role in the region and that it has stakes in the game if it only accepts the challenge of thinking and acting strategically in a joint way.

The purpose of this conference is to elaborate on Europe’s future role in the Gulf region and about which policy fields the EU and its member states could address in the upcoming years to contribute to a more stable, peaceful, and prosperous region.

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